King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Severe Weather Arrangements

DJBET电竞菠菜人 The decision to close the school rests with the Headteacher.  In his absence the decision will fall to the Deputy Headteachers, in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team.  The school will only be closed as an absolute last resort, for example, if. travelling becomes extremely hazardous, or if school is not safe for students and staff – parents will be advised of this as early as possible, via the homepage of the school website, via Parentmail and via Twitter - @KEGS_chelmsford. 

In most cases of disruptive severe weather, we will implement our Adverse Weather Timetable.  This shortens the school day from 09.30 to 2.30pm – details are below.  Should this need to be implemented, you will be advised via Parentmail, via the homepage of the school website and via Twitter.

All updates will be issued via the website, Parentmail and Twitter.  In the event of the school closing due to worsening weather conditions during the school day necessitating closure, we will again inform via the website, Parentmail and Twitter.  Any students that have problems getting home should report to the dining hall where the Senior Leadership Team will work together to ensure that these students get home safely. We will not allow students to leave the school site unless we are confident that parents are aware and approve of the arrangement.

Severe Weather Timetable





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