King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Pupil Premium Information


Number of pupils on roll (Yr 7-11)


Number of Pupil Premium students (Yr 7-11)


PP Grant per pupil


KEGS PPG funding 2018/19

Total £22,440

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is provided by the government to support and improve outcomes for looked after children or students who either are or have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) over the past six years. The government’s assumption is that such pupils are disadvantaged by their family circumstances and would benefit from targeted support and access to opportunities which might otherwise be denied to them. We all know time is short for disadvantaged pupils in our schools to realise their potential, so it is more vital than ever that the decisions about using the funding are part of an effective strategy.

During the 2018-19 year, the available funds are being allocated as follows:

  • Funding of books, educational materials and costs of curriculum trips £3600 plus £200 [unspent PPG from 2017/18]
  • Part funding of Pupil Support staff to track and support PP students £11,000
  • Homework support club/personal organisation £4000
  • Part funding of pastoral/admin staff time to provide for pupils £3840

Pupils, parents and staff are invited to suggest ways of using the funding wisely in order to best support the student. All interested parties are invited to identify barriers to maximising progress and effective structures can be put in place to aid a child’s development.

Pupil Premium funding will be deployed to cover some of the costs of the provision for vulnerable pupils who are in need of support. Some of these activities could have a broader impact on other groups, as well as those students attracting the Pupil Premium, but as well as these activities there is a programme of performance monitoring to track whether PP students perform in line with the cohort as a whole. The evidence gathered in previous years proves that PP students at KEGS perform better than their peers and we have every confidence that with continued support, this will be the case in 2018/19.

As in previous years, data from the Government continues to highlight the success of our PP students at GCSE: our 2018 Progress 8 score was a very pleasing +1.11 and the Attainment 8 was 82.7, our disadvantaged Progress 8 figure was +2.17, with an Attainment 8 figure of 86. There was just one Pupil Premium student in the 2018 cohort yet his progress and attainment must not be underestimated.

Numbers of Pupil Premium pupils

As of October 2018, the numbers of PP pupils are as follows:
Year 7: 5

Year 8: 5
Year 9: 6
Year 10: 6
Year 11: 2
Total: 24