King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Ofsted Report

DJBET电竞菠菜人 “The school is outstandingly effective, confirming its own evaluation.  It is a very effective learning community, which aims successfully to develop the whole person, has a strong collegiate ethos and is outward looking.  Passionate interest in learning by teachers and students creates a vibrant climate for interesting developments.  Outstanding results are achieved, building on the very high abilities of students and staff and the commitment of all to improvement.  The school is heavily oversubscribed.

“Students achieve very highly.  Results are outstandingly high at the end of Year 9, GCSE and the sixth form.  High proportions of students reach the highest possible grades across a wide range of subjects.  Virtually all take at least 10 subjects at GCSE and stay on to take four (sometimes five) subjects at A2 Level, in addition to general studies.  Results are especially good in science and mathematics, and students distinguish themselves in many areas including, for example, music.

Students’ personal development and well-being are excellent.  They develop mature approaches to learning supported by their excellent attitudes and behaviour.  They have excellent basic skills which mean that they have the capacity to think for themselves and be creative.  They are very well equipped for their future lives.  Students say the school is ‘great’, and they enjoy learning and think the teaching is very good”.  Ofsted Report

Barbara Hilton, Ofsted Reporting Inspector

A survey inspection also took place on 20 January 2010 which looked at the impact that links between parents/carers and the school have on supporting and encouraging young peoples’ achievements, well-being and personal development.