King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Leading Edge and Learning Lessons

DJBET电竞菠菜人 As a Leading Edge school KEGS is a partner in a national network of high performing schools dedicated to improving understanding and implementation of outstanding learning and progress in schools through the concept of “teacher-learner”.

Ten years ago KEGS was one of only 104 schools nationally to be awarded this accolade from the SSAT and in 2013 works as a collaborative partner sharing expertise with a national group exceeding 1600 schools.  At the heart of a Leading Edge school are teachers who are passionate about teaching, and leadership committed to research evidenced innovation to raise achievement and improve learning outcomes. 

Passion reflects the thrill, as well as the frustrations, of learning; it can be infectious, it can taught, it can be modelled, and it can be learnt.  It requires more than content knowledge, acts of skilled teaching, or engaged students to make the difference (although these help).  It requires a love of the content, an ethical caring stance deriving from the desire to instil in others a liking, or even love, of the discipline being taught, and a demonstration that the teacher is not only teaching, but also learning (typically about the students’ processes and outcomes of learning).

[John Hattie (2012), Visible Learning for Teachers: maximising impact on learning.]

Learning Lessons

KEGS takes pride in being a research engaged learning community and for the past decade a major strength of the school has been the commitment to classroom based action research projects and extensive and intensive partnership work with other schools locally and nationally.  We also work together with Cambridge University and the regional CamSTAR (Cambridge, School Teachers and Research) partner schools to promote, engage in and disseminate research evidenced school improvement strategies.  Our on-line Learning Lessons publications offer a flavour of the diverse and dynamic engagement with learning that places KEGS at the forefront of educational development and pedagogical innovation.

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