King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

KEGS Alumni Network Registration

DJBET电竞菠菜人 Thank you for your interest in KEGS Alumni Network.  It's completely free to join.

Information and Conditions

KEGS has chosen Future First, a London based registered charity, who specialise in providing alumni networks for state schools, to set up and administer the database on our behalf.

The information you provide will only be utilised by the school, in accordance with the KEGS-AN objectives stated on the KEGS website.

The questionnaire will only take a few minutes - please note that you will only be able to enter the database once. NB. If you are a parent or staff member, please put 2021 as your leaving date and let us know your status later in the sign-up process.

The information you provide will help us invite you to events that will fit your profession, experiences and interests, for example, an invitation to a legal or medical networking event or a particular sporting or musical reunion. So please be as accurate as you can, as this will enhance your alumni experience. Every year Future First will send you an update information form to register any changes that may have occurred.

Once you have registered, please join our KEGS-AN groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to reconnect with other KEGS Alumni Network Members and receive event notices.

NB.  KEGS and the KEGS Alumni Network cannot verify that all members of these networking groups will actually be KEGS alumni, due to the vastness of the community spanning back many decades.  We simply do not hold all of these records.  Please therefore use these sites wisely and in accordance with good practice, moral standards and within your zone of comfort with regards to posts and advertisements.  KEGS and KEGS-AN cannot monitor all activity on these sites and cannot be held liable for any information or activity thereon, but reserves the right to exclude any information or any person at our sole discretion. Thank you.