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KEGS' brilliant new sporting facility, The Nigel Fanshawe Sports Hall, opened in September 2018.  The multi million pound new centre was kickstarted by a government grant, but the scope and scale of the building was only made possible by the incredible generosity of all of those who gave to our major fundraising campaign, the KEGS 1551 Appeal.  Hundreds of people who included parents, governors, the Parents Association, the KEGS Foundation, friends of the school and many generations of alumni, raised almost £600,000 in donations during the course of a year. 

The main sports hall is very spacious and flexible and provides five badminton courts which are also laid out for basketball, volleyball, tennis, cricket, netball and football.

There is also a superb gym studio, a large fitness suite, changing rooms and toilets, spectator facilities, first aid room, kit room, a viewing gallery and two modern classrooms.

20180926_140251.jpgHowever, the project was always about much more than a Sports Hall, important though that is.  The relocation of PE and Sport to the new building allowed us to remodel existing spaces and create a state-of- the-art science lab, a new multi-purpose theatre, an improved canteen and an enlarged dining hall. Students of all ages are benefitting; these developments take us to the next level and provide even better facilities

In a further development, we have now been given the opportunity to enlarge and resurface our tennis courts, following another very generous donation from a former student.  The KEGS Foundation and the Parents Association have pledged financial support too and if any individuals would like to contribute too, we would be very happy to hear from them.  Significant donations of £1000 or more would be acknowledged on a Donor Board, and we will create a further 'brick' display for donations of £200.  Please see the donation/gift aid form below. 

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