King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Governor Committees

Curriculum Committee

DJBET电竞菠菜人 This Committee is concerned with all aspects of student life at KEGS. Every year it considers the updated curriculum, reasons for change and the impact on student choice. Examination results are studied and related issues discussed. Child Protection and the provision for both the Gifted and Talented and those with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) are regularly revisited. Reports are received from the School Councils. The Committee looks at the schedule for educational visits and the range of extra-curricular activities available to students, ensuring that exemplary teaching is enhanced by the breadth of experiences offered

Finance & Premises Committee

In 2011 the two Committees were combined for efficiency purposes as there is a great deal of overlap between the two areas. The committee has responsibility for overseeing the management of the school finances including management reports, budgeting and the finance of projects as they arise. On the premises side it oversees the maintenance of both the Broomfield Road and Bedford Fields sites and buildings and liaises with the Historic Foundation in any re-modelling and new building. The committee also has a number of delegated authorities from the Management Governors.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee has the responsibility to review all Human Resource policies and procedures and recommend to the Governing Body. The Committee maintains an overview of staffing arrangements within the school including recruitment, performance management, employee relations, continuing professional development and pay.