King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum GCSE requirements to gain a place in the Sixth Form?

DJBET电竞菠菜人 The requirements for admission into Year 12 are:
1.    An average GCSE/IGCSE points score of at least 6.4375 across the best eight subjects. This
will be calculated as follows:
a) Reformed GCSEs (graded 9 to 1) will score according to the grade i.e. a grade 7
would score 7 points for KEGS admission purposes.
b)  Unreformed GCSEs (graded A* to G) will score as follows: A* = 8.5 points, A = 7
points, B = 5.5 points, C = 4 points.
c)  AS B grade or above = 8.5 points and FSMQ Additional Mathematics B grade or
above = 8.5 points.
2.   Reformed grade 6 or higher must be achieved in GCSE Mathematics and English (whether
or not these subjects are being followed to A Level).
3.   A suitably high GCSE grade, usually A or reformed grade 7 or better, in each chosen subject
of study.
4.   Reformed grade 4 or higher must be achieved at GCSE in a modern foreign language.
5.   There need to be available places in the teaching sets for each subject.
6.   Only two qualifications per subject accepted e.g. FSMQ Additional Maths (of B or above) +
Maths GCSE, but not GCSE Statistics + GCSE Maths + FSMQ Additional Maths.


How many new students join KEGS from other schools?

The minimum number of exernal students admitted into the Sixth Form is 60. 

How many students are there in KEGS’ Sixth Form?

There are approximately 180 students in each year group, which means the Sixth Form has around 360 students.

Are KEGS students automatically offered a place in Year 12?

No – all internal and new students to KEGS must meet the admissions criteria. (see Sixth Form Admission Policy).

When can I visit the school?

Although our Sixth Form Open Events have now taken place, applications for a place in Y12 in September 2019 for external students are still being taken until Friday 8 March 2019. Please see the How to Apply page under our Sixth Form section for full details.