King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of school are you?

DJBET电竞菠菜人 KEGS is a state grammar school for boys, and has academy status. We are NOT an independent, fee paying school.  Year 7 entry is by the 11+ examination and we also admit around 80 new students into Year 12 each year, many of whom are girls (please see the Admissions Policy for full details of Sixth Form entry requirements). 

What is the date of the 11+?

The 11+ for September 2020 entry is on Saturday 21 September 2019. 
Please note that the 11+ exam for entry in September 2019 has already taken place.

How do we apply for the 11+?

11+ testing now takes place before application. Applicants to KEGS must apply for their child to take the 11+ by completing and returning a supplementary information form (SIF). The form can either be obtained from the CSSE Office ( or completed online. This process is undertaken by the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) who administer the tests and process all applicants' details of behalf of the school. Please see here for the timeline for September 2020.

Results of the 11+ tests are sent to parents by the CSSE, along with advice that allows parents to know whether their son has a realistic chance of securing a selective place.

What is the Common Application Form?

You will receive a letter from your Local Authority which will include an application form and and all the instructions you will need to make an application (either online or paper) to your Local Authority.   Return the application form to your Local Authority or use the online facility.

Can we visit the school?

Yes.  Twice a year we hold tours during the school day to allow the prospective student and his parent/s / carer/s to see the school in action.   Tours will be held during week commencing Monday 11 March and there will be a further week in July.  Booking will start in mid January for the March tours and in mid May for the July ones and will be accessible via the homepage of this website.  All tours are for Year 5 students and their parents ie. students who will be starting secondary school in September 2020.

Preparation for the tests

It is recommended that parents speak to their son’s class teacher at junior school to gain their opinion of his suitability for grammar school.  Preparation should be undertaken in small doses, beginning prior to the Easter holiday.

Are practice exam papers available?

Yes, from the CSSE (

What are the boys actually tested in?

Boys will be tested in Mathematics and English.  The papers are challenging, but the content is in line with the expectations of Level 5 Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for both Mathematics and English.  There will be no separate Verbal Reasoning paper.

The English paper comprises:-

  • Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary questions
  • Two pieces of creative writing
  • Applied reasoning (literacy/verbal)

The paper will last one hour, with some additional reading time, and will be worth 60 marks

The mathematics paper comprises:-

  • Questions consistent with Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum
  • Applied reasoning (mathematical/non verbal)

The paper will last one hour and will be worth 60 marks

What percentages should boys be getting?

Places are awarded at the school by rank order, so the required score fluctuates from year to year. There is no ‘pass mark’.

How are the tests marked?

By a team of independent professional markers and each paper is double marked and checked.  There is some standardisation of scores to allow for the fact that there is a second test date with different papers. Results are rank ordered for each individual school by the CSSE and sent to the Local Authority who in turn make the offers.

Are special circumstances available for candidates on exam day if necessary?

Parents should advise the CSSE who will pass the details on to the school.  In previous years we have accommodated special requests for enlarged papers, and for assistance in writing.  Quiet rooms are provided for candidates who may require special attention, including those who may need to eat during the tests due to diabetes, those with hearing impairment, or those with undue nerves.

How many students do you admit into Year 7?

We admit 150 boys into Year 7.  Please see below for more details on how these places will be allocated.

In what order should I list the schools on the application form?

Put the schools in the order of preference you wish your son to attend – there is no advantage in ranking schools on any other basis. Decide which school you would most like your son to attend and place that first.  There is no school in Essex or Southend where application depends on the order in which you place them.

If you do not get your first choice school, then your subsequent choices are considered in turn on an equal footing with all those who had applied to that school irrespective of the rankings used.

You cannot change your order of preference after the offers have been made.  You will be offered a place at just one school and must either take the first school offered to you, or make alternative provision.

How many boys choose KEGS as a preference?

Approximately 450 boys opt for KEGS as one of their choices.

How are the places allocated?

Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available in Year 7 places will be awarded in rank order from the tests as follows:

i) Firstly, to the top 120 boys in the selection test who made this school one of their preferences and who live within the priority area ie. within a distance of 12.5 miles from the school, unless they have been offered a place at a school for which they expressed a higher preference. In order for an application to be considered as 'in area', families seeking a Year 7 place for entry in September 2020 must be continuously resident at their permanent home address within the priority area from 1 September 2019 until the start of term in Year 7.

ii) Secondly, to the top 30 boys in the selection test out of the remaining candidates who made this school one of their preferences, regardless of where they live and unless they have been offered a place at a school for which they expressed a higher preference.

If a student is offered a place and declines this, how is the place then re-allocated?

If they decline their place between National Offer Day and the start of the following academic year, their place will be offered to the next student in rank order who expressed a preference for this school, unless they have already been offered a place at a school for which they expressed a higher preference.  Any student who lives within 12.5 miles of the school who drops out must be replaced by a student who lives within 12.5 miles of the school.  If a student from outside of the 12.5 mile priority area drops out, his replacement will be selected in strict rank order irrespective of where that student lives.

What circumstances constitute an appeal?

Where a student has been performing highly and a very serious family problem/personal problem has hampered his performance on the day then an appeal against non-admission may be worthwhile.

If I decide to appeal, what is the timetable?

The timetable for the 2019 appeal process can be found here.  The Appeals Process for KEGS is administered by the Statutory Appeals Team at Essex County Council - please see the Admissions section of the Essex County Council website for full details and notes of guidance.

Is it true that the school runs a waiting list for those boys who are not offered a place?

A waiting list of the remaining pupils who took the selection test will be held for one year following admission to Year 7. If a pupil leaves KEGS during Year 7 then an offer of a place will be made according to the above procedure.  From Year 8 onwards, parents interested in a place at KEGS should download form (ECC11242) Mid-Year Application for a Secondary School Place from This form should be completed and sent to us at the school address. Upon receipt of the completed form, the student will be placed on a waiting list. If a vacancy becomes available, everyone on the waiting list is tested and the school will select the best performing student, who has passed 3 out of the 4 papers or scored in excess of the given aggregate mark. Please click here for information about our Post 11+ admission selection procedure.  Once a boy is placed on the waiting list his name will remain there until the end of Year 11.

Application to the Sixth Form is a separate procedure.

How does the pastoral system work?

First step is for the new boys to attend the Induction Day in July at KEGS: an opportunity to meet with Form Tutors, Head of Year and Headteacher and make friends with other boys.

Then on the first day of the Autumn Term, KEGS is open only for Years 7 and 12: another day where new pupils are encouraged to get to know the school better.

Parents are encouraged to contact school staff at the earliest indication of any concern:

Form Tutor - consulted on small day to day issues
 Head of Year - more important issues are referred
 Head of Lower School - complex issues and ensuring that transition between year groups is smooth

There is a welcome evening in September for new parents.

How does the House system work?

Boys are put into the four house groups: Holland, Mildmay, Strutt and Tindal. Houses are used to allow boys to mix across the year groups and older pupils will take the responsibility for organising events e.g. House Music, House Drama and Sports

What kind of groups are they taught in?

In Year 7 they are taught all subjects in the same form group in classes of 30 (except for Art, Cookery, Music and Technology). In Year 8 the only change is that the process of streaming begins for Maths. Year 9 remains as for Year 8.  Year 10 are in options groups for GCSE subjects and class sizes tend to be smaller than 30.

Are there any school buses or discounted train tickets?

School buses are organised through the CSSE Office.  Visit
For those wishing to travel by train please see Getting to School - Tickets & Discounts for a link to the Greater Anglia website where discounted train tickets are available to purchase online on a term-time basis.

How many students go to Oxbridge each year?

Each year between 20 and 25 students secure Oxbridge places, and in addition many others proceed to equally prestigious universities according to their choice of undergraduate studies