King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Foundation Governors

DJBET电竞菠菜人 The Historic Foundation refers to that body which fulfils the duty of Trustees in perpetuity of the Charter granted in 1551 by King Edward VI to Sir William Petre, Sir Walter Mildmay and others to operate a School at Chelmsford, and thereby owns the rights and title of the free "Grammar School of King Edward VI" at Chelmsford.  This is now vested in the Foundation Governors (Historic) of King Edward VI's School at Chelmsford a registered Charity number 310861.

The Foundation Governors are responsible for assets which pre-date the school's incorporation as a state school and some acquired independently since. These include investments, land (the whole Broomfield Road site and the Bedford Playing Fields (opened in 1977)) and buildings. All the buildings on both sites are owned by the Foundation who played a significant part in supporting the new buildings acquired through the 450th anniversary appeal (viz the Music School and the Learning Development Centre), the Darwin Centre (2009), the extension to the Learning Development Centre (2011) and the Art Block (2014). The land and buildings were leased to the Academy Trust for a period of 125 years on 1 April 2011.

The Foundation has two nominee Members on the Academy Trust and nominates five of the Management Governors on the Academy Board (although not necessarily from its own ranks (see above). Some benefactions acquired down the generations assist in providing a variety of awards to pupils to promote further study, travel projects including bursaries; reward excellence including an annual essay prize or public service. The Foundation also has a Bursary scheme, administered by a small Bursary sub-committee, that can award sums from £150 up to a maximum of £500 to assist students to finance their participation in educational trips organised by the School.  These bursaries are assessed on the basis of real financial hardship and all applications are kept strictly confidential.  Furthermore the Foundation awards prizes for special research, essays or projects undertaken by students that are completed over and above any work that is submitted for an examination. There is a prize of £200 for the winner in each category with £50 for the runner-up.

The Foundation is responsible to the Charity Commissioners for the care of its assets.  The Headteacher or his representative is in attendance at all meetings.




Walter Hall



John Aldridge

Essex County Council OC*

Vice Chairman

Alan Ball

Essex County Council  OC*


Rodney Bass

Essex County Council  OC*


Debbie Beazeley



Roger Brooker

Co-optative OC*


Tony Carpenter

Essex County Council


John Galley

Chelmsford City Council


George Heseltine

Old Chelmsfordians


Ian Hook

Co-optative OC*


Paul Hutchinson

Essex County Council


Gary Miller

Essex County Council  OC *


Robert Shepherd

Chelmsford City Council


Andrew Sosin

Chelmsford City Council  OC*


Geoffrey Smith



Roy Whitehead

Chelmsford City Council


Dr Chris Willis


Secretary, Bursay Fund

Leslie Retford

Clerk OC*


* Old Chelmsfordian

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